We Respect and Care For Others With Each And Every Part Of Our Work

Service User Care

At Muzaana Care Services, our staff are treated with our out most respect, which then allows them to provide the best quality of the care to our service users.

Human dignity is the sole focus of the work we do at Muzaana. Muzaana Care Services believes in the idea of respect, social justice and tolerance, and we regard self-determination as the key to fulfillment in all of us. These values are reflected in each of our everyday work with our service users.

Compassion - When people are challenged, they look for support and people who understand their situation. Showing compassion for another person's situation is an essential element of holistic care.

Respect - Every person is unique; every person has their own life experiences and events that have formed the person they are today. We know that by respecting these experiences we can form a partnership that guides choice and care. Respect is indispensable if we are to deliver truly effective care.

Honesty -Honesty is being truthful, sincere and direct. There is little doubt that this is an essential element to providing quality care. It shows morals and preserves standards of integrity, involving active listening and open conversations.

Excellence - Excellence is ensuring that our services are of the highest quality and that we act in ways that promote the greatest good of each person. It is an essential approach to everything we do.

Everyone matters - At Muzaana Care Services we aim to maximize our working force for the benefit of the community and we make sure no one is excluded or discriminated against or neglected.

"The picture above (right) is of my grandmother Angelina N Muzaana. She inspired me to become the nurse that I am today. She was very caring, compassionate and looked out for those in need, whether they were family, friends or even strangers. I always aspired to be just like her. She is the inspiration behind Muzaana Care Services - this agency is set up to reflect her passion."

Hospitality – Our services are unique and personalized; tailored to suit every service user. We take the time to get to know you, where you've come from, what you've done in your life, what makes you happy and find out about the people who are important to you. If there's a hobby you enjoy, we'll do our best to provide it, and if you're worried about anything, we're here to help ease your concerns. You are our guest.

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